We know that one of the main causes of receding gums is over-brushing of your teeth. Knowing that, many people may be concerned that an electric toothbrush may cause more injury to your gums. However, powered toothbrushes are not more likely to harm your teeth or your gums, and, like manual toothbrushes, can actually help improve receding gums if properly used.

Electric Toothbrushes Irritate Gums Less

The way that over-brushing leads to receding gums is by irritating them. The toothbrush irritates your gums, which can cause inflammation and loss of gum tissue. To track whether electric and manual toothbrushes were significantly different in this respect, they divided 181 young adults into two groups and had 90 brush with a manual toothbrush and 91 brush with an electric toothbrush. They found that the electric toothbrush group had significantly fewer sites of gum irritation. However, this didn’t correlate with sites of receding gums in either group.

Both Types of Toothbrush Can Reduce Receding Gums

In another study 109 people were divided up into electric toothbrushing (55 people) and manual toothbrush (54 people) groups. Gum recession was measured in both groups, then people were shown how to properly use their toothbrushes and asked to return for measurement again in six months.

The study showed that in both groups about 40% of sites where gums had been receding had improved. About 53% of sites were unchanged. About 7% of sites worsened. Although there was some variation between groups, none of it was significant, showing that both types of toothbrush are good for brushing and neither necessarily leads to receding gums.

With Proper Use All Brushes Are Safe

All toothbrushes approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) are appropriate for brushing your teeth, and none of them will necessarily lead to receding gums. However, it’s important to use them properly, and soft-bristled brushes are favored. If you have a tendency to be exuberant in brushing with your manual brush, a powered brush can help because you don’t move it across your teeth in the same way and therefore wouldn’t be as likely to use an aggressive back-and-forth motion that can definitely increase irritation and receding gums.

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