Although e-cigarette use (colloquially known as vaping), is growing dramatically in popularity, we still don’t understand the potential health consequences of the habit.

However, we now have some evidence to support the claim that vaping may be a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking for current smokers. A new study from Italy showed that smokers who switched from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes saw a significant improvement in oral health.

Vaping May Reduce Risk of Receding Gums for Smokers

From Smoking to Vaping

Smoking is a leading cause of gum disease, contributing to receding gums and other consequences of gum disease. Nor is the impact limited to cigarette smoking: the use of smokeless tobacco is also strongly associated with gum disease as well as oral cancer.

In this study, an initial population of 350 smokers participated in the study. At the start of the study, all smokers quit and began vaping instead of smoking. Smoking is considered the largest single preventable cause of death in the world, and it’s also very harmful to your gum tissues. The study lasted 120 days, with clinical examinations performed at day 0, day 60, and day 120.

Study participants were asked to completely abstain from cigarette smoking for the duration of the study. However, only 110 subjects were included in the study. Some were eliminated initially because they didn’t want to participate, but others were lost at follow-up, mostly for “other reasons.”

Improved Gum Health

Initially, the smokers showed expected signs of gum disease. One common marker of gum disease is bleeding gums. At the start of the study, 61% of the study population in one group, and 65% of the population in the other group had bleeding gums. But after just 120 days of vaping without smoking, the populations saw dramatic improvement of their oral health, dropping to just 8% and 2%, respectively.

Similar improvements were seen in other measures of gum disease, such as plaque index, papillary bleeding index, and others.

Repair Damage after Quitting

If cigarette smoking has been causing significant damage to your gums, we can help. Receding gums, along with stained smoker’s teeth can make your smile look unhealthy and aged. But with our gum rejuvenation treatment, we can restore your gums to their original position, helping you enjoy a more attractive and healthier smile.

But it’s important that you quit smoking first. Otherwise, smoking will affect your ability to heal after the procedure and prevent you from getting the results you desire. At this point, we are unsure of the impact that vaping would have on your results, so it would be best to err on the side of caution and not engage in it during healing.

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