Tooth sensitivity is common. Some studies show that perhaps half of all Americans experience it to some degree, though about a 13% rate of tooth sensitivity seems a more accurate estimate.

There are many potential causes of sensitive teeth, including receding gums. In the past, treating receding gums was too invasive a procedure to be recommended for sensitive teeth, but nonsurgical gum treatments make this a more convenient option that may help people with this issue.

Who Is at Risk for Sensitive Teeth?

People more likely to suffer sensitive teeth include:

  • Those age 18-44
  • Women
  • People who undergo teeth whitening, especially at-home whitening
  • People with thin enamel
  • People with receding gums

Younger adults are more likely to suffer sensitivity than older adults because dentin, the layer of tooth between the enamel and the nerve, grows thicker with age, providing more insulation against hot and cold sensations. Women are nearly twice as likely to report sensitive teeth, but we’re not entirely certain that’s because they are more likely to have sensitive teeth, or just more likely to report them.

Teeth whitening increases sensitivity because it can open up the tubules in the tooth that run from the nerve through the dentin.

Receding gums cause sensitivity because they expose the cementum of your teeth, which provides less protection than enamel for your tooth nerves.

Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

Most of the time, dentists recommend toothpaste designed to reduce sensitivity, and these can work. If you are whitening your teeth, it’s best to stop and see if the sensitivity continues. Typically, if it’s related to whitening, it will resolve spontaneously shortly after you stop whitening.

Receding gums treatment may also be helpful, and our nonsurgical gum treatment allows you to get your gums restored without the need for surgery or a lengthy recovery period.

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