Receding gums rarely happen suddenly. Normally, there are warning signs that your gums are stressed and may begin to recede. Here are some of the signs to watch for to identify receding gums before they happen.

Appearance of Your Gums

Your gums should be a healthy pink color. If they’re a red, almost bloody color, you are experiencing gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, a leading cause of gum recession.

Another sign of gingivitis is swollen gums. Your gums should taper evenly from where they meet your teeth. Swollen gums will look puffy and uneven.

Oral Hygiene Irritation

Another early warning sign is irritation when you’re taking care of your teeth. If brushing causes pain or bleeding, it’s a warning sign of gum disease. When flossing, make sure you ease the floss down between your teeth. If it causes pain even then, take it as a warning sign.

Food-Related Discomfort

Another warning sign of gingivitis is when your gums hurt during or after eating. Many foods have the potential to irritate gums. Corn chips can get stuck in your gums, as can the husks from popcorn seeds. Fibers from beef, pork, and some fruits and vegetables can get caught between your teeth and irritate your gums. If this happens regularly or starts to happen more often, you need to pay attention.

What to Do about Gum Discomfort

dreamstime_s_22994656If you are experiencing gum discomfort, you need to talk to your dentist or a periodontist. Your first instinct might be to increase your oral hygiene routine, but this can make the situation worse.

Aggressive brushing and too frequent brushing of stressed gums can accelerate gum recession. Mouthwashes can kill bacteria, but they, too, can damage gums and put you at greater risk of receding gums if your gums are already stressed.

The good news is that if you act quickly, you can prevent receding gums. And now, even if you don’t, we have a nonsurgical treatment that can restore your gums to their healthy and attractive placement on your teeth.

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