One of the things that discredits much of the so-called natural foods movement is the tendency to reduce everything to an irrationally simple solution. They will tell you that all your problems stem from one simple problem, and that if you just make one tiny change you can experience health, happiness, and long life.

Unfortunately, these simple explanations typically fall through to reveal a situation that’s much more complex and harder to address. That’s the case with the recent claim by Emax Health that there’s only one cause of gum recession, and that’s easy to reverse it naturally.


The Claim

The article claims that the “one and only cause” of receding gums is poor “gut health.” If your gut is unhealthy, it causes gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which causes receding gums.

Simple, right? They even say that this is a scientifically proven fact.

To establish their claim, the article quotes some well-known statistics about gum disease. It also cites an article that it claims makes this connection plain.

An Argument That Falls Apart

The big problem with this claim, though, is that it’s manifestly untrue, and the article admits as such. Although the title of the article, and the first line of the article put forward a claim that they’ve identified the exclusive cause of gum disease, the article itself distances itself from that claim.

That’s partly because their evidence of choice just doesn’t support it. The article showing that GERD is an independent risk factor associated with receding gums also shows that receding gums is independently associated with tobacco use, cavities, and medication use. In fact, those are the only four factors they tested. It’s likely researchers would find dozens more if they checked, as people have done in other studies.

Emax Health even admits this when they say that the article “showed that apart from the other variables, which are well known to be significantly associated with chronic periodontitis”. In other words, according to Emax Health, there are many variables associated with receding gums.

You Can’t Regrow Gums Naturally

Just as suspect as this claim is the one that fixing your gut health can help you regrow your gums. The truth is that although you can often restore your gums to health without the need for a dentist, there is no way to repair receding gums on your own.

Once your gums are receding, there is no way to make them spontaneously grow back. You can improve your oral health and stabilize them so that there is no more recession.

But if you want to restore your gums to their former youthful, healthy position, you have to get a gum rejuvenation procedure of some sort.

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