Most of the time, if you’re making regular dental checkups and following proper oral hygiene techniques, you and your dentist can work together to control your gum disease. However, if you’re seeing a dentist regularly, but you’re not seeing improvement in your gum disease–or if it’s getting worse and you’ve developed receding gums–it’s time to see a periodontist.

Here’s why a periodontist might be able to give you better care for your gum disease.

Seeing a Dentist but Your Gums Are Still Receding? Time to See a Periodontist

Better Diagnosis

It’s possible that your gum disease isn’t the usual run-of-the-mill variety. It may benefit from a different kind of care. Your general dentist might not recognize the fact that the usual care just isn’t going to benefit you.

But a periodontist is more likely to recognize unusual forms of gum disease and other causes of receding gums.

They may also be able to help you pinpoint lifestyle factors that may contribute to your gum disease. Your dentist may know the generic list, but periodontists are better trained in the cause and effect of gum disease progression so they may see something your general dentist didn’t

Better Performance

Your general dentist may perform a few periodontal cleanings, but periodontists typically perform many more. It’s what they do. So in addition to having learned potentially different and better techniques for gum disease treatment, they’re just going to be more practiced at it. That means they’re more likely to accomplish the treatment goals of cleaning out the infected area and reattaching your gums. It may even be a more comfortable procedure under the expert hands of a periodontist.

Surgical Treatment If Necessary

Your general dentist may not recommend you get surgical treatment for your gum disease in part because they can’t perform that procedure. However, a periodontist can. And he’s more likely to know when that’s necessary, so you’ll get surgery when you need it.

Repair of Receding Gums

Another benefit of working with a periodontist is that they can do more than just preserve your gums and treat gum disease. Once your gum disease has been treated and your gums are healthy, they can rejuvenate receding gums so that it will look as though you’ve never had gum disease. Your exposed roots will be covered, you’ll have a more youthful looking smile, and your smile will be balanced with full, healthy gums.

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