As a suture-free and scalpel-free treatment for receding gums, nonsurgical gum rejuvenation has a short recovery time with a minimum of side effects. But it does still require some time to heal, and while you are healing, you have to take care of the treatment area. You also have to make appropriate follow-up visits to make sure the procedure has been successful and there are no complications.

Recovery after Gum Rejuvenation

Fotolia_71691266_Subscription_Monthly_MAfter gum rejuvenation, which is a 1-2 hour procedure, you may feel some minor discomfort. Typically, this only lasts for about the first 24 hours. You can take over-the-counter pain medication, but try not to take more than you need, since too much can impact your healing. The good news is that discomfort is minor, and in studies patients took on average only 1.7 over-the-counter pain pills after nonsurgical gum rejuvenation, compared to 8.6 for a gum graft. Icing over the area helps control swelling and discomfort, and should be done as much as you can practically manage.

You’ll want to avoid brushing and flossing around the surgery site to avoid disturbing your healing gums. You can brush the back of your teeth (on the tongue side), and clean the area using an irrigator from the tongue side.

You should not touch the surgical site or even try to look at it too much. This could disturb the area and interfere with healing. It’s also important to rinse with your lips apart so you don’t build up pressure in the mouth that can disturb the surgical site. This is also the reason why you shouldn’t drink from a straw during the recovery period.

You will have to avoid eating crunchy or sticky foods that can detach your gums during the recovery period.

Follow-Up Visits

There are four follow-up visits associated with a nonsurgical gum rejuvenation. At the first one, the day after your procedure, we will check to make sure there are no signs of infection or other complications. After a week, you will come back and we will check on the progress of your healing.

At three weeks, we will check your progress and the hygienist will do a gentle cleaning of the area. At your six-week follow-up the hygienist will do a complete cleaning and we will confirm that you’re fully recovered and can return to your normal diet and activities. We will also give you instructions on how to brush your teeth to protect your gums, since aggressive toothbrushing is a leading cause of receding gums.

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