Gum disease is a leading cause of receding gums, and a new startup hopes that their product will help reduce the incidence and severity of it that people face. They have introduced a toothpaste that they claim is so revolutionary, it shouldn’t be called a toothpaste, but a dental gel. It’s called Livionex, and its manufacturers claim it is much more effective than traditional toothpastes at removing plaque and preventing gum disease.

What Makes Livionex Special?

2036_8207-CMYKThe manufacturers claim that Livionex has a revolutionary new way of attacking bacteria in the mouth. Livionex supposedly attacks bacteria at the molecular level, making it harder for the bacteria to make biofilms and cling to teeth. Bacteria biofilms make up most of what we commonly refer to as plaque. Livionex’s manufacturers claim that theirs is the first product to do this.

Common toothpastes rely mostly on detergents and abrasives to remove dental plaque. This technique can be effective, but it has its limitations, and it results in significant amounts of plaque being left on teeth.

Clinical Evidence Seems Promising

To demonstrate the effectiveness of Livionex, its manufacturers commissioned a study from the University of California Irvine to compare the performance between the new dental gel and older toothpastes.

In the study, researchers compared people who brushed with Colgate Total and those who brushed with Livionex for 21 days. At the end of the trial, people who brushed with Colgate had 2.5 times more dental plaque than those who used Livionex . They also had twice as much gingivitis and gum bleeding.

However, the American Dental Association cautions that although the evidence is promising, it’s too early and the data is too limited to say whether this new dental gel is really better than traditional toothpastes.

When Prevention Doesn’t Work

Prevention is the best way to avoid receding gums, but if your attempts at protecting your gums have failed, don’t despair. Receding gums can be repaired, with nonsurgical gum rejuvenation.

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