One of the important reasons to treat receding gums is that your gums protect the bones that support your teeth. If you have receding gums, you might notice your teeth are looser than they used to be.

But that’s not the only reason to treat receding gums. Even if your teeth are stable, there are still many good reasons to repair receding gums.

Bone Loss Is Progressive

Today your teeth might be sturdy, but as your gums are lost, your bone will be, too. Once your gums have started receding, gum recession might continue unless it receives proper treatment. Treating receding gums is a good strategy to help protect your bones against future erosion.

It’s also possible that your bone loss hasn’t caught up with gum loss yet. Treating receding gums can protect you from bone recession that’s already in progress.

Root Cavities Are Damaging

Another good reason to get receding gums treated is that it might be exposing a part of your tooth not meant to be exposed. If you are seeing the dull-colored, rough-textured cementum, then your teeth are vulnerable to root cavities. Because the root is supposed to be covered in the gums and bones, it’s coated with material that’s ideally suited for connecting to these tissues. It’s not ideally suited for resisting cavities. Cavities can easily grow in the root of the tooth, and once they start to grow they are hard to treat.

While cavities in the crown of the tooth can easily be treated with a filling, fillings are less successful in the root. When a cavity in the crown progresses to the living pulp inside the tooth, the tooth can often be saved with a root canal. When a root cavity penetrates to the pulp, the tooth is generally considered lost.

The Appearance of Your Smile

The look of your smile isn’t just determined by your teeth. Your gums play an essential role in helping your teeth look white, healthy, and straight. If you have receding gums, your smile can look unhealthy. It can even make your teeth look crooked. And if your roots are exposed, people will be able to see them. Whether people know that’s what they’re seeing or not, they will see that part of your tooth is a different color than the rest.

Receding Gums Treatment in Orange County

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