One of the reasons many people want to treat receding gums is because they can make your smile look unattractive. That’s because your gums are essential to a pretty smile, and when they’re not right, they impact the appearance of your smile. Here’s how.

Create Black Triangles

Your teeth are wider at the top than at the base, and when gums recede, this shape disparity creates black triangles between your teeth. The black spaces in your smile are highly visible and are a common detractor to the appearance of your smile.

Restoring your gums to a healthy position will close the black triangles and give you a beautiful appearance.

Imbalance Your Smile

Your smile is supposed to have a balance of teeth, gums, lips, and negative space. When gums recede, it throws off your smile, and the balance is just not right. Your smile looks toothy–and not in a good way.

A gum graft can restore the balance between your gums, teeth, lips, and negative space.

Healthy gums are essential for an attractive smile

Reveal Unattractive Cementum

Another problem with receding gums is that they can reveal cementum–the covering of your tooth root. While tooth enamel is bright, white, and pearly, cementum is essentially the opposite. It’s dull, yellowish, and rough in texture, everything that makes your teeth look unattractive and unhealthy.

Covering cementum not only improves the appearance of your smile, it can help with sensitivity and reduce the risk of root cavities.

Make Teeth Look Crooked

When a person judges the straightness of your smile, it’s not just the position of your teeth that they’re seeing. They are also looking at the gum line and incisal line–the line formed by the tops of your teeth. Receding gums disrupt the gum line, which can make your teeth look crooked, even if they’re actually very straight.

Restore the Appearance of Your Smile

We can help if you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile because of receding gums. A gum graft can restore your gums to a youthful, healthy position, and in the process give your smile back its attractiveness.

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