Gum rejuvenation is a procedure that can help if your gums are receding. Receding gums are unattractive, uncomfortable, and put your teeth at increased risk. In the past, the only solution for receding gums was gum graft surgery, but now the Ravon Gum Rejuvenation Method offers you the ability to restore your gums without surgery.

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Receding Gums Problems

Receding gums before gum rejuvenation. Tooth root is exposed and gums appear red and irritated

Before Gum Rejuvenation

There are many causes of receding gums, but once they take hold, they present a serious problem. If you experience receding gums, you may want treatment because they result in:

  • Unattractive smile
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Increased risk of tooth loss

The unattractive smile associated with receding gums is due to the fact that the tooth root which has been exposed was never meant to be seen. It is a different color than your tooth enamel, a duller, grayer color, which is unattractive. The elongation of your teeth can also look unusual and can cause people to think your smile is unhealthy and therefore unattractive.

Tooth sensitivity may be just because the cementum of the tooth root has been exposed. The tooth root isn’t as well insulated as the crown against temperature changes, so you may experience pain when drinking hot or cold liquids or foods. Sensitivity may also be a sign that decay is beginning in your roots.

Exposed tooth roots increase your risk of tooth loss because the material in the root, cementum, is not as resistant to bacterial attack as your crown. This means that exposed roots allow bacteria a much quicker and easier way into the interior of your tooth. And if the root is compromised, it is harder to preserve the tooth with a root canal and dental crown.

Gum Rejuvenation Benefits

Tooth root is no longer exposed and gums look healthy

After Gum Rejuvenation

Gum rejuvenation is a procedure that allows us to treat your receding gums without surgery. The Ravon Gum Rejuvenation Method uses no incisions and takes no tissue from a donor site. It uses only local tissue to heal your receding gums, protect your tooth roots, and restore your attractive smile. Gum rejuvenation offers many benefits over traditional gum grafting surgery, including:

  • No long incision
  • No stitches
  • Short healing time
  • Can eat a full diet sooner
  • Little discomfort
  • Can often be completed in a single visit

These benefits are making gum rejuvenation an increasingly popular procedure. You can learn how gum rejuvenation works on this page. However, many people prefer a personal explanation of the method.

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