The Ravon Gum Rejuvenation Method might be described as localized gum grafting. Instead of cutting a graft from a donor site, gum material that is already in the area is moved back into its former position. There is no need for incisions or sutures that are common in both flap surgery and gum grafts.

This page contains a basic description of the Ravon Gum Rejuvenation Method, but many people understand better if the procedure is explained in person. To talk about the procedure and learn whether it is right for you, please call (949) 556-4588 or contact our offices in Irvine.

Are You a Candidate? The Gum Rejuvenation Consultation

The first step in the gum rejuvenation technique is a consultation where we will examine your oral health and determine whether you are a good candidate for gum rejuvenation. We will determine the causes of your gum recession and whether additional steps might be necessary to curb these causes before your gum rejuvenation. We will also consider alternative treatments, such as flap surgery or gum grafting to decide which is the best treatment for you.

Gum Rejuvenation Treatment

During the procedure, a tiny hole is made in the gums near the tooth to be treated. There is no scalpel used to make an incision, which means less bleeding and less discomfort. The gums in the area are loosened a little, then moved into the desired position, where they are bound with a collagen “glue.” Collagen is a common structural ingredient in your body, the primary structural ingredient in your gums, and the collagen material encourages gum healing.

The procedure is relatively simple, and quick. While it make take an hour or more to treat a single tooth in a traditional gum graft, we can treat four or five teeth during the same time using the Ravon Gum Rejuvenation Method.


Recovery from the Ravon Gum Rejuvenation Method is quick. Within a day or so, you will be fully recovered.

If you had your wisdom teeth removed, you have a sense of what recovery from traditional gum grafting is like: weeks of eating soft food, ongoing discomfort, and minute attention to hygiene. Recovery from the Ravon Gum Rejuvenation Method is more like recovery from a simple filling. There may be some soreness, but you can eat a regular meal about 8 hours or so after treatment.


You will have one or more follow-up visits to ensure that healing is progressing as expected. The number of visits depends on the condition of your gums and the progress of your healing.

Get Started Today

Receding gums is a progressive condition. If left untreated, it will only get worse. And there will be increasing odds that your receding gums will lead to other problems such as tooth damage or even tooth loss.

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