It’s long been known that there’s a link between gum disease and heart disease, but some, especially some cardiologists, have suggested that the link isn’t causal. That’s because the link has been mostly statistical and circumstantial, with no good understanding of the mechanism that links the two.

Now researchers have shown that a treatment designed to reduce inflammation in the gums also reduces inflammation in the blood vessels, resulting in lower heart attack risk.

Inflammation in the Gums and Blood Vessels

dreamstime_xs_29668377One of the key links between gum disease and heart disease is inflammation. When your gums become infected, your body responds with an inflammatory response, causing your gums to swell, but also triggering many other immune responses.

When swelling occurs in blood vessels, it causes them to narrow, which can lead to blocked blood vessels that cut off the heart’s blood supply, causing it to stop beating and resulting in permanent damage.

Researchers showed that when they used their treatment, a molecule known as Resolvin E1 to treat gum disease, it also resulted in a reduction of swelling in the blood vessels. This could reduce the risk of blocked blood vessels that trigger heart attacks.

More Time to Enjoy a Beautiful Smile

If you are suffering from gum disease, it’s important to take this link seriously and get gum disease treatment before you suffer a heart attack. If you do that, you’ll have a lot more life ahead of you, and, hopefully you’ll spend more of it smiling.

But if you notice that your gum disease was damaging not just your heart, but your smile, we can help treat receding gums to give you back your beautiful, healthy smile.

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