If you are concerned about receding gums, you might want to look closely at your diet, because there are many foods that can contribute to receding gums, especially if your gums are already weakened by gum disease. Here are some of the worst foods for receding gums.


dreamstime_xs_28337881Popcorn is a great, healthy snack, but it can also be hard on your teeth and especially your gums. Popcorn is very crunchy and it contains many sharp angles that will poke your gums. Even worse is the thin husk of the popcorn kernel, which is thin and can slip between your teeth and gums, separating them. This can increase infection risk, and once the gums are separated from the teeth, they might never grow back.


Another very crunchy food that can damage your gums is chips. This includes both corn chips and potato chips. By their nature, these thin, crispy foods break into small fragments with sharp edges when you bite into them. These thin fragments can not only irritate your gums, but they can also get caught between your gums and teeth.

Sodas and Other Acidic Drinks

Acid can be very damaging to your teeth, but it can also contribute to gum damage. Drinking sodas and other acidic drinks–like citrus juices–can irritate gums and cause them to recede.

Crusty Bread

Home baked bread with a tough crust can be very tasty, but it’s hard on your gums. These breads force you to bite down hard with your incisors to tear them apart. The bread can then push on your gums, especially the sturdy crust. This not only irritates the gums, but it can essentially roll them back off your teeth.

Raw Carrots and Celery

Another food that forces you to bite down into hard material is raw veggies like carrots and celery. When your teeth are separating the vegetable parts, the veggies are pushing on your gums. This can also roll back your gums. And while the small pieces of the veggies are great for cleaning your teeth, they can also be irritating to your gums.

No Problem for Healthy Gums

On the other hand, people who have healthy gums shouldn’t have to worry about these foods. If you notice that your gums are sore, red, or bleeding after eating any of these foods, you should talk to a periodontist about your gum health.

And if you’ve noticed gum recession, we can use gum rejuvenation to restore receding gums to their natural, healthy position. Please call (310) 275-5325 in Beverly HIlls or (949) 551-5902 in Orange County to learn how.