As much as we like restoring people’s gums, the best approach is actually to prevent gum recession. Although an electric toothbrush isn’t inherently bad for your gums–they can actually be good for them.

But you have to use your electric toothbrush properly to get maximum benefit. Fortunately, there are now features that can help you use your toothbrush properly and can save you from receding gums.

Young woman brushing teeth in bathroom


One of the most basic features of an electric toothbrush is a timer that tells you when you’ve brushed your teeth for long enough. In the absence of a timer, most people brush much less than they’re supposed to, often only half as long as the recommended two minutes.

But with a timer on your electric toothbrush, you can make sure you’re always brushing for the recommended amount of time, cleaning your teeth properly, and protecting yourself from gum disease.

Pressure Sensor

An electric toothbrush can damage your gums if you push it too hard against your teeth or gums. It can not only lead to receding gums, but can also erode your tooth enamel. This is the same as for manual toothbrushes, but an electric toothbrush can come with a safeguard: a pressure sensor that tells you when you’re pushing too hard. That way, you can ease up on the pressure and get your teeth nice and clean without damaging them.

Bluetooth Communications

Now, you might wonder why you want to talk to your toothbrush, but this kind of application can actually give a lot of helpful tips. It can hook up to your timer and pressure sensor and give you more customized notifications and warnings. It can also keep track of your brushing history over time. The toothbrush can remind you to brush your teeth twice a day (and floss!), which can be important if you’re trying to establish the habit.

The toothbrush can even track your motions while you’re brushing your teeth to get a good idea of how well you’re brushing your teeth and if you’re missing any spots during your daily cleaning.

If Your Gums Are Already Receding

Unfortunately, these features won’t do anything to help if you’re already experiencing receding gums. However, we can help restore your gums to their youthful healthy position.

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