A proper balance of gums and teeth is an essential part of an attractive smile. Sometimes receding gums tips the balance, making your smile too toothy. Other times you may have too much gum tissue, so you go to a cosmetic dentist to have your gums recontoured.

Unfortunately, it’s possible that recontouring your gums may have trimmed them back too far, leaving you with the opposite problem you started with–too ¬†much teeth and not enough gums in your smile. The good news is, our nonsurgical gum treatment can restore your gums to an attractive position.

Signs Your Gums Have Been Contoured Too Far

The most basic sign your gums have been over-contoured is that you just don’t like the new balance in your smile. If you now feel your smile is too toothy, it’s likely that your gums were cut back too far.

Tooth sensitivity coming after recontouring of your gums is probably not a coincidence. If your gums are pushed back too far, the root may be exposed, which is more sensitive than the crown of the tooth.

If you notice a change in the surface of your tooth from the crown, which has a smooth, white surface, to the root, which has a rougher texture and a more dun color, you’re probably seeing cementum, which is not a good sign.

Gums Can Be Moved Back into Position

Female finger pointing at teethA bad gum contouring isn’t like a bad haircut–it won’t grow out on its own. However, we can use gum rejuvenation to shift your gums back into place.

You’re probably a good candidate for this procedure because your gums didn’t retreat because of gum disease. Your gums are likely in good health, ready to be moved back into place.

Gum Rejuvenation Is Easier Than Contouring

More good news is that gum rejuvenation is easier to tolerate than gum contouring. There’s no incision, no stitches, not even a laser.

There’s just a tiny puncture.

Recovery from gum rejuvenation is typically much easier than recovery from contouring. There’s less discomfort and the healing period may be shorter.

If you are unhappy with the results of a previous gum contouring, we can restore your gums. Please call 310-275-5325 in Beverly Hills or (949) 551-5902 in Orange County today for an appointment.