Receding gums can be bad for the health and beauty of your smile. Although our gum rejuvenation procedure can restore receded gums, it’s best to protect gums from receding whenever possible. Since gum disease is a leading cause of receding gums (as well as potential tooth loss and scores of serious health problems), preventing gum disease should help prevent receding gums. And one strategy that’s been recommended for preventing gum disease is using xylitol instead of sugar in foods.

Can Xylitol Prevent Gum Disease? | Irvine Dentist

What Is Xylitol?
Xylitol is a member of the sugar alcohol family known as polyalcohols. It’s naturally found in many fruits in tiny quantities. Industrially produced xylitol comes from corncobs and hardwoods. It is an artificial sweetener used in dietary supplements, drugs, toothpaste and most commonly in in chewing gum. It doesn’t provide calories and is more slowly absorbed than regular sugar. That makes its effect on blood sugar and insulin much lower, almost negligible. That helps make it an ideal sweetener for diabetic candies as well.

How Does Xylitol work?
So, how could this artificial sweetener protect us from gum disease? The bacteria that often form in the mouth that harm us the most, like Streptococcus mutans, feed best off sugar. They bond together in a biofilm on our teeth, what we call plaque. While feeding off sugar, bacteria produce an acidic waste product which can abuse the enamel of our teeth as well as our gums.

Xylitol looks like a sugar to these bacteria, so they take it in. But it cannot be broken down by the bacteria which essentially starve with full bellies. Especially with continued use over our life time, it can aid in the battle over our oral health.

Is Xylitol Effective for Gum Disease?
As we have already learned, Xylitol helps rid our mouth of the feeding ground that harmful bacteria need to continue their growth and damage to our teeth and gums. Along with regular brushing and cleanings, this may also maintain healthier gums to ward off gum disease.

The use of Xylitol can succeed in helping prevent gum disease and rejuvenate our gums only with pairing it with other good habits. The cleanings from your hygienist, regular brushing, and a better diet will give you a better chance at preventing gum disease.

Have Your Gums Receded?
Xylitol can be helpful in preventing and maintenance, but sometimes we need some help to get to a better starting point. With gum disease, gums will recede causing us to be long in the tooth. That can impact how we look but also can increase our risk of tooth loss, raise our sensitivity to hot and cold. Additionally, keeping teeth clean can be more troublesome when more of our teeth are constantly exposed to food, drink and harmful bacteria and plaque. Gum graft surgery used to be the only surgery available, but with the Ravon Gum Rejuvenation Method, you will see better results more quickly. You will also have a shorter recovery period to help you enjoy the benefits sooner.

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