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Are you unhappy with the appearance of receding gums? Do you experience tooth sensitivity from hot or cold food and drink? Have you been told that treating your receding gums will require surgery?

We have good news for you: receding gums can be treated quickly, effectively, and without surgery. With just a single short procedure, your receding gums can be restored to a healthy, attractive position on your teeth, where they will protect your teeth from sensitivity. With the Ravon Gum Rejuvenation Method you will avoid the discomfort, recovery time, and expense associated with traditional gum surgery while getting the same or better results.

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The Problem of Receding Gums

Receding gums can occur for many reasons, but when they do, you may suffer a number of negative effects, including:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Exposure of unattractive tooth roots
  • Unattractive appearance of long teeth
  • Increased risk of tooth loss

In the past, gum surgery was the only way to avoid these negative consequences. But now the Ravon Gum Rejuvenation Method allows you to avoid surgery while getting the same benefits.

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Dr. Nicolas Ravon

ravon-cosmetic-dentistDr. Ravon is a detail-oriented periodontist with years of experience in oral surgery as a gum surgeon and dental implant specialist. He has trained in the United States and abroad gathering knowledge and experience that he has used to achieve excellent results for his patients.
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Dr. Scott Rice

rice-suitDr. Rice has been offering advanced dental care to Irvine patients for nearly 30 years. From cosmetic dentistry to occlusal analysis, Dr. Rice has the training and experience to find the source of your problem and create a treatment plan that achieves results as beautiful as they are effective.
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